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Check out East Bay Express journalist Rachel Swan's article about Freight & Salvage:

East Bay Express

A Nest Egg for Freight & Salvage The venue needs to raise $50,000 to help preserve — and expand — a long-held local tradition.

"... Singer-songwriter Austin Willacy, who was the night's headliner, would concur — he's oft described Freight & Salvage as one of the highest-caliber venues in the country. Willacy is a hippie folk singer who sounds like a soul singer, mostly because he tackles somewhat dry subject matter in a big-voiced vibrato. His opener that night was a rock ballad about consumer waste. If you read the lyrics on paper, you might have thought it was a shrill-voiced homily. But heard live, it had the cadence of a love song.

"Willacy is the exact type of performer the Freight wants to spotlight: youngish, fashionable (he sported a mohawk and tiny hoop earrings, much to the dismay of an older audience member who groused that "he's way too good-looking for that haircut"), and representative of a new folk music diaspora. His a cappella quintet, The House Jacks, has played at the Freight since 1993 and will return in early July. Willacy is a member of the Freight board and an advocate for the venue's mission. He views his role with a certain degree of self irony: 'I just wanted to warn you guys,' he admonished at the beginning of his set that night, 'if you've never heard a black person yodel, you might want to know that I will be yodeling briefly.'

"Willacy's yodel is actually more of a wail, albeit pitched in the same bobbling, high-low syllables as a traditional Alpine village holler. Yo-del-ay-eeeeee-ooooooh, he sang, stretching the vowels with a luxuriant tremolo lacking in most. If only all folk singers were that skilled with their eees and ooooos."

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House Jacks in Rolling Stone!


Rolling Stone Check out Austin's quotes on RollingStone.com!  Scott Steinberg writes:

Starting today, Sony is kicking off the 2012 Detroit Auto Show on an unexpected note, courtesy of a cutting-edge audio system. Rather than using pounding bass lines or sinuous grooves to illustrate the 12-speaker, digitally-amplified Dolby Pro Logic II surround sound system that adorns the Ford Flex crossover, they are instead highlighting the human voice's power to mimic high-end instruments.

"You hear so many demos that default to drum loops, horns and Seinfeld-style ditties as a listener showpiece," explains Austin Willacy, singer/songwriter for the a cappella rock band the House Jacks, which provided supporting vocals for this project. "What people are unused to hearing is how the fidelity of today's sound systems can capture the harmony and intricacy of the human voice, especially when multiple singers apply their talents together. It's a singularly fresh approach."

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The THRIVE Premiere Gathering at the Craneway Pavilion

On November 11, 2011 THRIVE will have its debut screening at the beautiful Craneway Pavilion on the San Francisco Bay with a light meal and an after party. Tickets are sold out. You can help spread the word about THRIVE and become part of the movement by hosting your own screening - go to the THRIVE website for details, and click "Screening."

harwood podcast/new video!

in late september i had the pleasure of participating in the harwood podcast.  i played 3 songs, “crazy”, “when the world looks away” and “so glad i found you”, with an amazingly talented, and incredibly nice, band that was assembled by kevin harris, the host.  follow this link to peep a music video single of “so glad i found you”, which will be on my next cd, (due next year!): httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PnVAQNOiD1g&feature=related

for those of you who have the time and the inclination to see the other 2 songs and hear what i had to say in the interview, the full episode is available here:


fall germany tour with the house jacks!

Just announced - fall tour dates in Germany, taking us all over (Bielefeld to Bon... Berlin to Bremerhaven...)10.26.10rudolf-oetker-halle rudolf-oetker-halle, lampingstr. 16, bielefeld, germany 33615 bielefeld www.konticket.de

10.27.10 theater hameln theater hameln, rathausplatz 5, hameln, germany 31785 hameln www.theaterkasse@hameln.de

10.28.10 theater im fischereihafen tif, am schaufenster 6, bremerhaven, germany 27572 bremerhaven www.tif-bremerhaven.de

10.30.10 pantheon, bundeskanzlerplatz 2, bonn, germany 53113 bonn www.pantheon.de

10.31.10 kultur labt zik, weitegasse 6, arbon, switzerland ch-9320 arbon

11.2.10 kulturverein kulturverein e.v. kurfürstenstr. 22, wolfhagen, germany 34466 wolfhagen http://www.kulturkarten.de/

11.3.10 bka theater mehringdamm 34 berlin, germany 10961 berlin http://www.bka-theater.de/

11.5.10 kulturladen kfz schulstr. 6 marburg, germany 35037 marburg

11.6.10 klag bühne luisenstr. 17 gaggenau, germany 76571 gaggenau

11.7.10 sudhaus e.v. tübingen hechinger str. 203 tubingen, germany 72072 tübingen

11.9.10 aula der bbs neustadt robert-stolz-straße 30 neustadt, germany 67433 neustadt

11.11.10 ali theater waldshut, germany stadt waldshut-tiengen

11.12.10 spectaculum mundi graunbündender str. 100 munich, germany 81475 münchen

11.13.10 voicemania international a capella festival vienna, austria http://www.voicemania.at

HJ Concert Review

Concert Review: The House Jacks at the Grass Valley Center for the Arts, 4.30.10

Austin Willacy (tenor and frequent lead) showed his vocal flexibility to be, as always, stellar.  All you can do as you follow the peaks and valleys and soaring flights is just smile in wonderment.  You never quite know where you’ll end up, but you know the guy flying this plane knows what he’s doing.  Multi-faceted and multi-talented (as are all the Jacks), Austin particularly shone on a poignant original song, “Show Your Face,” which will be featured on the Jacks’ next album.

Read the full article here!

CASA House Jacks Review

Photos by Sonya Yruel

Sonya Yruel - Tumblr: I had the opportunity to photograph the wonderful and talented Austin Willacy yesterday. He’s a singer, songwriter, and member of the a capella rock band, The House Jacks. A little trade and barter is common within the different industries of the art world, and Austin lent me one of his songs for my website, and in return, I snapped some portraits of him. I think it’s important that photographers who are using music in their marketing have the license to do so. If not, they’re simply stealing music. Photographers and photography organizations have fought hard to protect their image licensing rights, so I have a hard time understanding it when photographers take music without permission. Sorry to get on my high horse; I just feel strongly about that.

Photo by Sonya Yruel

Photo by Sonya Yruel

Photo by Sonya Yruel