You can really F*CKIN’ SING!
— Bonnie Raitt
…an edgy adult contemporary sound that goes down easily and speaks to the heart.
— San Franciso Examiner
…reminiscent of Stevie Wonder at his most ‘Superstitious’. Willacy gives it that same ready-to-burst vocal energy.
— Sam Hurwitt, East Bay Express
Your CD is REALLY F(%&@ing GOOD!
— Sterling James, Energy 92.7 (on 9 impossible proofs)
…as captivating in live solo performance as he is on CD.
— Judy Krueger, The Creative Line
I have been listening to page 7 every day for the past month. I’m totally in love with it!
— Laura Heywood, 107.7, The BONE
Culling from a variety of influences, from Stevie Wonder to Lenny Kravitz to Dave Matthews, Willacy’s tasteful acoustic guitar and stunning choir-boy vocals make a winning package.
— Jane Ganahl, San Francisco Examiner
— Gavin Degraw
Beautiful music.
— Rachael Yamagata
american pi is full of smart, contemporary rock with a soulful edge…This is mainstream music as it should be—and so often isn’t—making Willacy a talent to watch.
— Larry Aydlette, The Palm Beach Post
This guy’s gonna be big!
— Dan Aykroyd (Elwood Blues), “House of Blues Hour”
…a fascinating combination: soul singer with grunge underpinnings.
— San Francisco Chronicle
Beautiful, positive music.
— Amos Lee
american pi is a slice of the music of tomorrow, a blend of acoustic and eccentric words and music, with roots ranging from Stevie Wonder to the alt sensibilities of Kurt Cobain and Tom Waits.
— Ben Fong-Torres
…a strong, artistic, and satisfyingly loud solo debut.
— Christopher Charles, Cleveland Free Times
His vocal prowess is a never-ending source of amazement.
— Buddy Saleman, APG Records
— Jem
page 7 is probably the best CD from a local artist I have received in a year.
— Rosalie Howarth DJ-KFOG, Acoustic Sunrise
Every rhythmic groove works on this excellent folk-rock album. It’s not a dance album, but the propulsive nature of each track can fill a dance floor in two seconds flat. willacy’s soulful vocals recall Seal and Lenny Kravitz, and his lyrics are quite intriguing. The percolating layers of guitar and multiple percussive elements are phenomenal.
— The News-Dispatch Newspaper Association
Imagine if you will, mixing Stevie Wonder and Jonatha Brooke in some cosmic blender. You would get the soulful, funky, literate, passionate lyrics and music of austin willacy. His band is deeply rhythmic, his arrangements are melodic, somewhat hypnotic and his voice is like a tongue in your ear.
— Judy Krueger, The Creative Line (LA)
About austin willacy’s last album, I said that ‘american pi’ is a slice of the music of tomorrow.’ Who ever said tomorrow never comes? From ecstasy to eloquence, and at once edgy and elegant, willacy has arrived. Today.
— Ben Fong-Torres
Austin’s songs express an openness and sincerity that few writers achieve. His lyrics and melodies are akin to those of Smokey Robinson for their wit and attention to detail.
— Darrell M. McNeill, Black Rock Coalition