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 photo by sonya yruel

photo by sonya yruel



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photo by adza

Austin’s music is soulful and raucous, tender and comic. He has toured internationally for 20 years with the House Jacks, the “Rock Band without Instruments,” and has multiple solo albums (here’s Austin’s solo work). He is the mentor for Youth in Arts' 'Til Dawn, a youth a capella group that empowers youth to find their voices in so many ways. With complete activist cred as a leader in YES and the Rainforest Action Network plus a side career in soundalike singing VoiceOvers, including Guitar Hero and Karaoke Revolution, Austin is a renaissance man. But, who cares about all that? Because what matters is what Bonnie Raitt told him —  “You can really F*ckin sing.”

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Runner-up, Favorite Songwriter
A Cappella Community Awards | June 2011

Best Professional Original Song
“you were everything” | Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards | April 2011

Favorite Songwriter
A Cappella Community Awards | May 2010

Honorary Song Award
“waiting for someone else” | Great American Song Contest | March 2009

Honourable Mention
“crazy” | We Are Listening Singer/Songwriter Awards | 2007